Learning Lab

Students spend an additional 1.5 hours each day of tutor-supported, technology based instruction in the Achievement Academy Learning Lab. Student work in the lab is individualized to support each student’s specific needs. Our programs include: 

  • Mathematics development, utilizing Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor program, chosen because of its documented effectiveness and for its excellent integration of mathematical problem solving and language skills.
  • Online reading comprehension practice with Digital Readworks. This large library of nonfiction and literary articles includes reading comprehension and vocabulary lessons and is based on proven cognitive science research.
  • Online reading and writing practice with Newsela. Students read leveled nonfiction/current event articles. They annotate text, take quizzes, and respond to writing prompts. 
  • Keyboarding practice with Typing.com. Each student has his her own account in order to improve typing skills.
  • Test preparation with i-Pathways. i-Pathways is a responsively designed and mobile ready curriculum designed to help students prepare for the GED test and is approved by the GED Testing Service.
  • NC Write for essay writing practice. NC Write uses an automated essay scoring engine that gives students practice and immediate feedback. This program has been generously donated by Measurement Inc.