College/Career Connections

Students visited Burt's Bees to learn about potential career paths thanks to Jacob Dolan, our Employer Engagement Associate.

In today’s job market, having a high school diploma is not enough. Continuing school beyond the GED is essential. Achievement Academy focuses on preparing every student for a postsecondary credential or degree and entry into a fulfilling career.

The Made in Durham partnership helps students understand college options by working closely with teachers, support staff, and post-secondary programs to develop personal action plans. Students explore colleges aligned with their career of interest by creating College Foundation of North Carolina accounts and completing career assessments. Students receive 1:1 support with applying to college, completing financial aid, scholarship applications, placement testing material, and coordinated college visits. As students continue to transition, the Made in Durham partnership continues to support and empower students 2 years after graduating.

On the work-readiness side, this preparation includes career exploration, career-readiness skills development and work-based learning done in conjunction with Durham employers which can include company tours, career conversations, interview preparation, talent pipelines projects where students track into jobs with employer partners and internships.