As part of the Made in Durham initiative we create an education-to-career system.  We pilot best practices to re-connect youth to their education, and deliver a comprehensive career development program which leads to sustainable employment.  MiD acts as a facilitator and convener.  AAD houses and supports two, part-time contractors who focus on post-secondary planning and career development activities.

Duke Office of Durham and Regional Affairs supports the Crest Street neighborhood where we are located in a Parks and Rec building.  We are collaborating with all parties to ensure that Crest Street neighbors access our programs.

New Bethel Church and Crest Street Community Council have welcomed AAD into the neighborhood; students have provided service to the residents of the New Bethel Homes for the Elderly and AAD has used the church's space in the summer when our building is used to offer summer activities to children in the Crest street neighborhood. It was our pleasure to partner with these groups and the Duke Office of Durham and Regional Affairs to nominate Mr. Willie Patterson, a lifetime resident of Crest Street and President of the Council, for the Durham Martin Luther King 2017 Award - Mr. Patterson was selected by the committee.

We have a full-time AmeriCorps member through North Carolina LiteracyCorps.

We partner with Carolina Outreach, Vocational Rehab, Life Skills and Behavior Alliance to meet the mental health needs of our students.

With a longstanding, positive reputation in the Durham Community for serving students who are often those with the greatest needs, AAD benefits from many other acts of kindness from members of our community including: the Congregation at Duke University Chapel who provide direct service as well as financial support; Book Harvest who provides books for our students and the children of our parenting students; Duke School of Public Policy from whom we secure an intern; Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators, a group of grad students who provide program support; The Triangle Nonprofit and Leadership Center through whom we secure volunteers; volunteers also come to us through our 3 major, area universities: Duke, NCCU and UNC; and The Triangle Community Foundation and the Oak Foundation who continue to provide opportunities to grow and strengthen our program on behalf of our students.

Thank you to Achievement Academy’s Major Funders:

The Carlson Family Foundation, Inc.
The Congregation at Duke University Chapel
Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Duke “Doing Good in the Neighborhood”
Durham County Non-County Agency
The Forest at Duke
Made in Durham - United Way of the Greater Triangle
Measurement, Inc.
Oak Foundation
The Rust Foundation