AAD Receives Grant from Carlson Family Foundation

February 12, 2017

Carlson Family Foundation awards $20,000 to support Achievement Academy of Durham

Achievement Academy of Durham has received a $20,000 grant from the Carlson Family Foundation to support its programs that help former dropouts earn their GEDs and find sustainable employment.

The nonprofit alternative school offers a continuum of supported academic programs that help students develop the language and math proficiency required for successful entry into a GED program. That includes one-on-one tutoring and instruction focused on building reading comprehension skills to a high school proficiency level and integrating writing and math instruction, social studies and science background knowledge development, and technology skills development into daily learning activities.

The school’s Achieving Career and Educational Success (ACES) initiative is developing a model for creating strong education-to-career pathways for its students. ACES students work with community mentors to explore career options, participate on project teams to complete high-quality work products for clients, and access paid internship opportunities in their post-secondary fields of study.  

Funds from the Carlson Family Foundation will support instructors’ salaries, instructional supplies and technology support for the school’s academic programs and support leadership collaboration with community partners, mentoring Lunch and Learn activities, and workplace visits for students in its ACES initiative.

The Carlson Family Foundation is a Chapel Hill philanthropy that invests in education, mentoring, children and youth at risk, and youth mentoring to promote strong and healthy communities and a competitive workforce.

For more information about Achievement Academy of Durham’s education-to-career model, contact Executive Director Nancy Cox at (919) 956-8918 or

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