Our Impact

Why We Exist

Many students who leave school do so because of systematic factors. Students cite falling behind and never catching up, being bored, becoming a caregiver or parent, pressure to earn money for their family, other poverty-related situations, and feeling that no one cared about their success as reasons for leaving high school.

In North Carolina, the 4-year graduation rate is 85.9%, which is 36th in the Nation. In Durham, the rate is 82.3%. This means nearly 20% of students in Durham do not complete high school.

North Carolina Public Schools 4-Year Graduation Rate (2015-16) 85.9%, 36th in the nation
Durham Public Schools 4-Year Graduation Rate (2015-2016) 82.3%

Why We Matter

Life often becomes increasingly difficult for individuals who do not complete high school. Fortunately, students who earn their GED tend to do about as well as their peers who earn a high school diploma. According to ged.com, the official GED website,

  • 97% of colleges and employers accept the GED.
  • 60% of recent GED graduates are enrolled in college.

Earning a GED leads to more educational opportunities and better jobs, which situates former “dropouts” to become contributing members of their communities.

By The Numbers

The following figures illustrate some of what we have accomplished since the beginning of 2016:

Students in Career Activities
Grads in postsecondary programs
Pre-GED Program Graduates